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Bronze Sculpture Statue Hand Made Multi Color J. Erte Actress Model Showgirl Art

   Condition : This sculpture is in perfect condition. Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 19" x Width 15". She stands at the end of the runway. The camera bulbs flash as she spreads her arms to showcase her fashion forward outfit. She wears a long golden brown patina dress that cinches into her narrow waistline. The collar of the vintage dress is high, bringing back the days of old Hollywood. A black shawl is draped over her shoulders. The rich patina of the shawl gives it the appearance of ripples from movement. She shuts her eyes and basks in the attention and glamor of...

Hand Made Bronze Sculpture Statue Art Decor Duck Multi Color Patina Figure

   This sculpture is in perfect condition. Bronze Dimensions : Height 15" x Width 17" Weight : 9 LBS Inventory : 49-56624NA10594 Delightful Duck Bronze Sculpture, After. This bronze sculpture was produced using the Lost Wax casting method. The Lost Wax Cast method is the most precise metal casting technique in existence, ensuring exquisite detail of the original host model which is usually sculpted in clay or wax. This Lost Wax casting method is an extremely labor intensive and expensive process, but the end results produce a Heirloom Quality Masterpiece! Virgin Islands, however, an ...
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